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Experimenting with thriller, "Drip" explores the relationship a young women has with the world around her as she struggles to conceive.

D    R    I    P

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Continuing with comedy, "Day Camping" is a short anecdote written for the characters of Modern Family to experiment with writing for television.


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As an assignment for UNCSA, I adapted the autobiography of a fellow student - Kobe Whitlock - to talk about the fantasy of his childhood in "Home".

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For the "1917 One Shot Competition", we were given a week to create a 2 minute short film about "delivering an urgent message". Read the original screenplay:


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A short screenplay about the troubles in America, "Behna" follows Amal and her older sister Amaya in an immigration camp. Read the original screenplay:

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"Mirrors"was written and directed by myself working with BFI Film Academy dealing with mental health. Read the original screenplay:


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"Modern Holiday"was written as a freelance project experimenting in comedy, modeled after ABC's award winning series "Modern Family". Read an excerpt:



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Modeled after Marvel superhero series, I worked on a 60 page episode script to experiment with action, sci-fi and humor. Read an excerpt:


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Modeled after BBC's "Sherlock", I experimented with mystery genre creating a 70 page script revolving around the stealing of the Hope Diamond. Read an excerpt:


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Experimenting with dialogue, character building, intricate plots and relationships I created a short episodic series surrounding an unusual myth in Georgia. Read an excerpt:

Legend of the


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