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Outside of school at UNCSA, I went back to my favourite type of filmmaking - comedy. The "Bbryanb" videos are an expression of comedy in it's simplest form - a complex, ridiculous character. Working on these allowed me to remember why I pursued film in the first place and renewed my joy and passion for the field. I continue to incorporate comedy into all my projects now, each one growing in success.


Outside of school at UNCSA, an opportunity to enter a contest was announced. We would have a week to produce a film following the topic "delivering an urgent message" done in one shot for the movie "1917". Given the time restraints and lack of equipment, I was very proud of the product as I thought it was visually unique and told an engaging, emotional story.


In my fall semester (2019) at University of North Carolina School of the Arts, I was tasked with the challenge of writing and directing a short film (3 mins, black to black) with a crew of 20 in 85 minutes. While there are things I would certainly change about the product if I could, given the restraints, I was very impressed with the final product, but more importantly my skills as a Director.


In September of 2018, in the midst of the college application process, I was given a prompt to create a two minute silent film about a dramatic choice a character had to make. I did my project based off a true story my friend who suffers from Cerebral Palsy told me. The use slow motion and composition make the film and show the emotional process that drives the character visually.


In Spring 2017, working with my high school's theatre department I created a slideshow film to honor the graduating seniors. The quality is lower but it allowed me to work with my editing skills and turned into a complex edit for a music video and was highly praised by my school. While the shots could have been better, the editing experienced I gained from this was invaluable.


In December 2016, after several months in and out of the hospital fighting an immune disorder, I worked to create my first sitcom. The film was created to experiment with longer works, dialogue and humor. The shot composition is average and could definitely use work, but overall the video was successful in helping me to understand character development, dialogue, and humor.


In the summer of 2015 I worked with the New York Film Academy in a summer camp where I worked with industry standard equipment, learning from alumni and industry professionals in order to create a minute long silent short film. I had two days to film the short film and while the narrative and quality was good, the shot composition could use work and more shots could have been used to build suspense.


In the spring of 2015 I worked with my school's science department to create a short film to enter into the "Education 4 U" competition revolving around virtual reality. Despite the lower quality, this was my first experience working with production design and green screen in order to create futuristic settings and though my video did not place, I found it a useful experience to build basic cinematic skills.


In the spring of 2012, I entered my first film competition and placed first in my county. My Public Service Announcement was displayed on local news channels and I beat out the high school competition for the prize. As this was my first film, it could have been much better. The acting was slightly over done and the camera shots were basic but it conveyed a compelling narrative without dialogue.

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